Hello everyone!!

First of all we would like to thank you all for making our previous contests a huge success.

Now we welcome you all to the third quarter of KFanzz k-pop online contest.

This time we are back with very new and first ever rap contest which is completely focused on 'Rap' happening in India.

This is a great opportunity for you to show your Rapping skills which is open to everyone in India.

The contest lines will be open from 24th March until 14th April.

For participating in the contest please follow the steps as follows:

1. First you need to upload your video on YouTube.

2. Go to a website www.kfanzz.com You find the audition page in the menu.

3. To upload your video first fill in the form and copy the YouTube link of your video and paste it in the place provided.

4. Successfully participating and submitting your video you will be receiving an email.

5. If you did not receive any email or your video is not visible on our website within 1 working day you can reach out to us and we shall look upon it.

The selection criteria for the contest is based on:

1. Pronunciation/wording

2. Rap style/technique 

3. Stage presence/Karizma

The rules to be followed for the contest are as follows:

1. You can sing any k-pop rap song but make sure that it does not contain any vocals.

2. There is no time limit for the video but make sure you cover the whole song.

3. You can also use background instrumentals.

4. You can pick any rap song which is sung by a solo, duet or group artist.

The hope that everyone gets a fair chance in this contest.

We Look forward to your participation.

Thank you!!