KFANZZ is excited to announce our second season fan art contest. This contest is open to everyone from India, who is interested in having their art transferred on to a t-shirt. The theme for this year's K-Drama Merchandise Contest is “Being a K-Drama fan”. We will judge the designs and pick the top three designs to print on our merchandise. Contest starts from 28th July to 15th August. Participants should submit their designs through Google Link provided in the Bio. The winners of the contest will receive Goodies and printed t-shirts for free and will have the option to be featured on our website and our social media pages. Plus their creations will be worn by many fellow fans. 

Contest rules: 

1. The designs should be in a single color 

2. Remember that we have to transfer the designs into a digital one first in order have it printed onto the shirt, so keep the designs simple and elegant. (Shading and coloring will not show well so please consider this while you create your masterpiece) 

3. Do not, please DO NOT, copy designs online. You can use your favorite celebrity names but that shouldn't be the center of attraction (this is a fan shirt and should be a representation of the k-drama fans). This is to avoid copyright issues. 

4. Have fun and feel free to submit multiple designs. Spread the word to fellow fans and let the creativity flow. 

KFANZZ wishes ALL THE BEST to the participants, hope to see good designs this year and keep the design simple and attractive. 

Thank You 감사합니다~~~