The Contest Lines for the Online Round will be opened from

15th January 2021 11:00 am - 5th February 2021 11:00 Pm No entries will be accepted after the deadline. Contest Format

All the participants will go through 3 rounds.

Online Round: we will be having an online round wherein all the participants choose only one song they wish to perform with. It is must cover a full K-Pop Song. No mixing, merging, moving the camera, or any kind of editing will be allowed.

Challenge Round: In the Challenge Round in where the selected participants from the online round will be competing. And we’ll be having our jury members with few selective mixed-genre kpop songs which we will be announced later after the 1st round selection [so there is no clashing or same songs selection by our jury members in the 2nd round], we have another small twist, along with the given track list our jury members will also be providing a specific part of the song to which you will have to perform on. 

Among the participant from the 2nd challenge round, we will be choosing the top best participants who will further be competing for in the final round.

Voting Round: Last round will be the voting and the Final round, wherein the selected 5 participants from the challenge round will be competing and the voting, and winners will be based in 10% by audience votes & 90% by the Judge’s votes.

Note: Once the 1st round ends we will be noting down all the songs 

performed by the participant only then our jury members will decide the songs for the challenge round so there is no clash & repetitions of songs. And for the specific time of a song for instance [BTS On – 00:00 – 1:30 (start to the end of 1st chorus)]. Most of the songs will be selected from start till the end of 1st chorus or from start of a song to 1:30 if the chorus ends before 1 min 30 sec.  

The number of participants performed in the group should remain the same in all rounds. 

For any further questions, you can mail to us or contact us through our SNS. You can ask your questions ahead and the FAQ’s will be posted soon.