Participant: Sopemla Zimik
Uploaded On: 5th Apr 2021
Views: 16
NCT- Misfit- Rap cover
Participant: Ronica Dey
Uploaded On: 6th Apr 2021
Views: 53
Stray kids 3racha matryoshka
Participant: Arinjima das
Uploaded On: 6th Apr 2021
Views: 0
Beenzino (???) - Dali, Van, Picasso ( Rap Cover)
Participant: Shariqua Afsheen
Uploaded On: 8th Apr 2021
Views: 99
BTS Suga shadow
Participant: Amaira Shukla
Uploaded On: 11th Apr 2021
Views: 5
Jessie - star cover
Participant: Esther Toppo
Uploaded On: 11th Apr 2021
Views: 523
Participant: Shruti
Uploaded On: 11th Apr 2021
Views: 0
Stray Kids(Han)-I got it
Participant: Mayank Tripathi
Uploaded On: 13th Apr 2021
Views: 24
Easy- Stray kids (fan cover)
Participant: Vincy
Uploaded On: 13th Apr 2021
Views: 0
[Cover]Okey Dokey Arisu
Participant: Arisu
Uploaded On: 13th Apr 2021
Views: 0
    • Entries will be accepted from 24th March, 2021 11:00am (IST) till 14th April, 2021 11:00pm (IST). No entries will be entertained after the deadline.
    • No age restrictions.
    • Entries containing any inappropriate contents will be disqualified immediatly.
    • Any entry apart from K-POP will not be entertained.
    • Multiple entries will lead to disqualification.
    • K-Pop Online Dance Contest 2021 India is a NATIONALWIDE contest anyone can participate who resides in india.
    • It is must to perform a FULL K-POP RAP song and there is no limitation on time.
    • Wearing MASK while performing is not allowed
    • Anyone found with not following the rules will be disqualified
    • Any editing(Adding Graphics or Transitions in the video) are NOT allowed. The performance has to be pure live
    • In case of any invalid/misinformation or not fulfilling the criteria of the registration form will lead to disqualification.
    • If participants have issues in registartion or not able to see your submission can contact directly through our social media or through email.
    • No issues will be resolved after the deadline.
  • The Contest includes SOLO, DUET and GROUP categories.
  • All the participants must cover K-Rap Song 100%.
  • It is mandatory that participants should and must only cover K-Rap Song.
  • No English Rap songs or English versions of Korean Rap songs will be acceptable, even if performed by Korean artists.
  • Merging of songs is NOT allowed.
  • Allowed to use Instrumental
  • Participants should not Lip Sync
  • Editing of the video in any form is NOT allowed. We request participants to not to use any filters/effects, trim/cut or camera work as judges can perceive it as editing and could lead to disqualification. All the participants should film their videos clearly.
  • The Rapper face must be clearly visible in the video.
  • Vocals should be audible.
  • Video and Sound Quality should be good.
  • Pronounciation/Wording - 50%
  • Rap Style/Technique - 30%
  • Stage Presence/Charisma - 20%